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Field Care for Your Specimen

Important notes to keep in mind while out hunting and if you harvest a bird you'd like to get taxidermied:

- Try to keep bird as clean as possible to prevent staining of feathers.

- If possible, place a piece of paper towel, or cotton inside bill/beak of bird to prevent blood from leaking out and staining feathers. You can do this with other areas of the bird that may be leaking blood (large wounds from shot).

- Try to freeze the bird as soon as possible, or keep it in a cool place until you can get it to a freezer.

- Try to freeze the bird with wings and head folded in as to prevent damage and try to store bird in area of freezer where it will not be moved around a lot - this will prevent damage to feathers.

*NOTE: Do not panic if the bird becomes very dirty as they will be put through a wash prior to being mounted.

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