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Planning Your Visit

Colin’s Taxidermy shop is located from his home property approximately 40 minutes Southeast of Camrose, near the village of Rosalind, AB.

Because of the  semi-remote location of Starky's Avian Taxidermy, trips to Colin's taxidermy shop are by appointment only. Please contact Colin prior to your visit to schedule a time to come out. At that point Colin will give you exact directions to his shop.

*NOTE: There are no washroom facilities in Colin’s shop and you will not be permitted to use the washroom in his home. Make sure to take care of that before heading out on your visit!

However, If you are in the Edmonton area, you can also drop your bird off at Starky's Taxidermy in Edmonton. If doing so you will be in contact with Brian who is Colin's father. He will take in your specimen at his shop and Colin will do the mount at his shop where you will pick it up once the mount is finished. Turn around time is the same at either location and Colin will be the one doing your mount.

If you prefer to drop your specimen off in Edmonton you can contact Brian at (780)-472-1062


Before Dropping Off  Your Bird

If it is upland game bird or waterfowl: Make sure to bring your license number, migratory number (if waterfowl) and WIN numbers as Colin will be unable to take in your item without that information.

If it is a Bird of Prey (Hawk, Owl, Eagle): Make sure you have your Found Dead Wildlife Permit for the bird being dropped off. Upon finding a dead bird of Prey in Alberta you must take the specimen to your local Fish and Wildlife Office to have the bird inspected and attain a Found Dead Wildlife Permit. This gives you legal permission to possess the specimen and it must stay with the bird at all times.

Any other type of bird: Contact Colin before arriving as their may be permits that need to be attained before any work can be done. Some bird species in Alberta cannot be kept in posession privately and have taxidermy work done to them unless issued special permits.

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